What Flowers To Gift When Welcoming A New-Born? – Find Out!

A couple’s life will instantly light up when a new baby enters their world. It will be an exciting and overwhelming time for all involved. In this transition, the newly turned parents can certainly appreciate the support from the dearest and nearest. They also deserve a flower bouquet of their favourite flowers, which is when you can send newborn flowers in South Melbourne to encourage them.

So, if a family member or a close friend had a baby and you are looking for a perfect welcoming gift to celebrate the joyous moment, pick mild-scented flowers. They are a great option as you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the little one’s nose. Get a florist in Port Melbourne to hand-arrange a flower bouquet for the newborn and parents for a personal touch. In today’s blog, let's help you with the popular newborn flowers. Let’s check them out.

Flowers For The Baby Boy

When it comes to choosing flower bouquets, you need to be choosier. Traditionally, blue colour flowers are the standard pick for a baby boy. Flowers like white roses, hydrangeas, freesias, blue iris, and delphiniums are perfect for the baby boy. They symbolise prosperity, friendship, and everlasting love. These flowers are subtle and mild-scented, which make a great gift for the newborn and parents.

Flowers For The Baby Girl

The ideal flower colour for a baby girl is pink. When it comes to pink flowers, you will have many options. You can go for multiple hues of pink flower bouquets and arrangements available. From pink roses to striking pink peonies and pink carnations are best to gift any baby girl. These represent gentleness, innocence, and purity.

Flowers For The Newly-Turned Parents

When choosing flowers for new parents, it’s best to pick flowers that mark new beginnings, cheer, and hope. Flowers like daffodils, cherry blossoms, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies are perfect to gift them. They spread cheers, instantly brighten the atmosphere and deliver your congratulations, love, and care to them.

Make Your Gift Extra Special With Interesting Add-ons

No matter what a personalised flower bouquet presented to the newborn family adds a personal touch and sentimental. Be sure to discuss with a florist to handcraft a flower bouquet and add a lovely wish message on the card. You can also attach chocolates, fluffy teddy bears, and even home plants for a unique touch.

If you want to show your heartfelt message, or congratulations or happiness to the newborn and new parents, order flowers from Floraison Flowers. We can help with your flower gifting in the best way. With an impressive range of flower bouquets, choose the best-selling flower bouquet and flower delivery option that works for you. For flower delivery in South Melbourne, call Floraison Flowers on 03 9696 3871 today.

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