Valentine’s Day Flowers & Enchanting Stories Behind Them – Check Them Out!

Flowers have a long history in mythology & quirky facts that might surprise you! As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, all would go for a classic red-rose flower bouquet to present the love of your life. Red roses are the classic declaration of love. But did you know that red roses have an interesting story behind them? Roses are 35 million years old & there’s a fictional story surrounding them. It says that the goddess of love was touring around her garden & stumbled upon a breathtaking flower & she named it the rose in honour of her beloved son Eros! Interesting isn’t it? So, why wait? Take a sip of coffee & start knowing our favourite Valentine’s Day flowers & floral stories it holds & send with flower delivery Melbourne from reputed company. Let’s check them out.


Did you know? The Wild Rose was the very first rose that originated 70 million years ago. It flourished even before the dinosaurs perished. With an inestimable history, red roses symbolise romance, love, beauty & courage. A red rosebud signifies beauty & purity. So, ensure to gift your loved one this gorgeous flower that holds enchanting stories & delight them with a same day flower delivery Melbourne at their doorstep.


This springtime beauty is known for rebirth & new beginnings. If you’re in a new relationship or reconciling with your old love, Daffodil bouquets are a good option. They're stunning, come with a heavenly aroma & associated with romance, passion & beauty & can make a beautiful Valentine’s Day floral gift to your partner.


Say “I Love You” with a floral bouquet of red tulips & send them straight to their doorstep. They’re associated with new love, freshness making the ideal gift for a budding relationship. They come in a large variety of bright & unique colours.


Carnations are called the flower of love. Carnations are fluffy, delicate-looking flowers that are versatile & perfect for flower bouquets. Red carnations can be an alternative to red roses & you can present them to your loved one. The love aspect of carnation includes everything from a Mother’s love to your partner’s love.

Gerbera Daisies

The fresh & colourful mix of gerbera daisies screams love & a great way to tell your partner is the most beautiful person who is pure, gentle & cheerful. More than a symbol of beauty & happiness, these are believed to reduce stress & enhance your mood.

No matter who your Valentine’s Day, make gorgeous flowers to show your love to them. To order Valentine’s Day flowers from us, call Floraison Flowers on 03 9696 3871 today.

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