Surprise Your Friend With These Popular Friendship Day Flowers – Check Out!

Friendship day is around the corner & it’s time to renew your bonds with your best mates, lifetime besties, and friends who have always been there for you. No matter what, flowers are the most sought-after gifts you can gift your best friend. When it comes to choosing friendship day flowers, there are lots of options. Though the obvious flower to gift on this day would be “Yellow Roses “however, there’s more on the list. In today’s blog, let’s help you with the best friendship day flowers that we have collected from the florist in South Melbourne and can be sent to your friend with a flower delivery suitable for you.


Hyacinth tops our list as it is a flower that symbolizes sincerity. You can gift a bunch of Hyacinths as a mark of sincere friendship and commitment to your beloved friend. To get the best quality Hyacinth, check with a local florist or order flowers online in Doncaster to deliver to your loved ones and care.


Chrysanthemums are gorgeous flowers that throw spring vibes & the flowers that symbolise friendship, goodwill, and heartfelt wishes. They are available in different hues & all represent different meanings of friendship. Yellow denotes joy, blue represents loyalty, pink & red for pure love, and green symbolises hope, cheerfulness, and optimism.

Asiatic Lillies

Yellow Lillies are a sight to behold; it denotes happiness and positivity. A bunch of brightly coloured blossoms would be another perfect pick for cheerful friends who would make you happy and peaceful whenever you meet them.

Pink Roses

Instead of yellow roses, go for pink roses. Pink roses denote joy and grace. You can gift pink roses or a friend who has given you a lot of joy and memories to remember. For best-quality pink roses, order from florist Port Melbourne with same-day flower delivery.


Zinnias are show-stoppers and the most adored flowers of all time. Their daisy-like flower heads, paper-like petals, and intense hue make them desirable flowers for gardeners and florists alike. Zinnias can be sent to a long-distance friend to let them know that you miss them, the food times, and how much you value them.

On this friendship day, make sure to gift the most meaningful friendship flowers for your friend from Floraison Flowers. For flower delivery in South Melbourne, call 03 9696 3871 today.

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