Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers Other Than Roses! – Check it Out!

Are you looking for the perfect V-day gift to surprise your loved one? What else could be more romantic than flowers? No matter how many expensive gifts you buy for her/him, a simple thoughtful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement will do all the magic. Before you get excited and order flowers online from the florist, think of what flowers would be more romantic, easily available in the flower shop, and guaranteed flower delivery in South Melbourne.

If you do so, you can calmly think and plan the other surprises. When you think of Valentine ‘day flower bouquets, classic red rose bouquets are the first thing that comes to mind. But, trust us! There are many gorgeous options. Whether your valentine is a red rose lover or like things subtle and bold, your valentine’s day flower delivery in South Melbourne is going to be just awesome. Wait how? Just take a look at our list of Valentine’s Day flower bouquets and you will know why? Let’s get started.

Red Tulips

If you want to buy something in red other than red roses, red tulips are an amazing choice. They scream love and are the best flower to confess your love. If you look at the center pulp of the tulip flower, it resembles the shape of a heart and is a perfect flower to impress her. Just shop for a bunch of bud tulip flowers or get a flower delivery of these stunning beauties to win your ladylove.


These adorable flowers are next to roses. They come in various colours including red, white, pink, and more. Light red carnations express admiration and deep red hues signify the deepest love. If you want to proclaim your love to your special someone, red carnations are the first choice.


Orchids are yet another classic Valentine's day flower that signifies elegance, strength, purity, and love. They come in various colours too. Make sure to check with the florist in Port Melbourne for availability.


Another great alternative to roses is the colourful and charming geraniums. You can go for bright red or pink geraniums for your loved one symbolising true love.  If you are at the start of your relationship, presenting these vibrant blooms would be a perfect start.


Lillies is a bold and unique flower perfect for valentines’ day. You can get a dramatic flower arrangement made of Lillies and other accents to create an atmosphere of love and romance.

Like roses, there are a lot of flowers that express the essence of Valentine’s day at its best. If you are shopping for Valentine’s day flower arrangements, order flowers from Floraison Flowers to make your V-day memorable. For same day flower delivery in South Melbourne, call 03 9696 3871 today.
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