Keep Your Happiness Alive – October Is Emotional Wellness Month

It’s October! Spring is in full swing! It’s also “Emotional Wellness” month. This month focuses on managing the everyday stresses, the efforts, and the steps one must take to live a happy and positive life. You don’t need expensive therapies or doctor visits to maintain your emotional health. Simple online flower delivery  can put all your stress at bay. Yes! It might sound simple, but sending flowers to you is a form of self-care. If you have never purchased flowers, check with a local florist in South Melbourne to help you find the best flower bouquet.

They say flowers are natural stress relievers; the tradition of sending flowers dates back centuries. It’s true! You can order flowers online to ease the stress and tension and release happy “oxytocin”. All you need is a whiff of fresh flowers to chase the stress. You can always rely on online flower delivery Melbourne CBD services to order flowers. To improve your emotional wellness, we have a beautiful list of flowers that help reduce stress and anxiety and boost happiness. Let’s check it out.


Lavenders are gorgeous blooms with a charming scent and have a lilac hue. With its attractive foliage, vibrant purple flowers, and mesmerizing it helps to calm agitated people, reduces tension and is used in spas and therapy centres to alleviate pain. If you can’t grow them in your yard, get online flowers in Doncaster.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a health doctor at home. It helps filter the indoor air, and filtering the harmful toxins from the air helps improve your mood and mental health.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are vibrant flowers that come in attractive vivid colours. These are also called cheerleaders. With their bright colour, soft petals, and distinctive scent, they can instantly lift your mood and bring a smile to your face.


These beautiful soft flowers are stress-busters. Have them in a vase or any arrangement; place them in the living room or your bedroom. It cleanses the air around you and gives you a quick and deep sleep.


Did you know that sniffing roses can help reduce your anxiety levels? Get yourself a flower bouquet or bunch, and place it wherever you sit or work. They can pass on their charm and scent to you and keep you calm and composed.

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