Flowers, the best way to convey your emotions - Know How

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at but they play an important role in our environment. When they appear on plants, flowers absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment. These days, people use flowers on different occasions like weddings, anniversaries, funeral and birthdays. Studies show that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, moods and intimate connections. That means you can use flowers to convey different emotions such as friendship, love, and happiness. For example, you can use flowers to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Sorry’ to someone. Additionally, if your family member or friend is sick, you can send them flowers to wish them a speedy recovery. The following are different occasions you can use flowers to convey your emotions.


You can ask a florist in South Melbourne to deliver flowers to your planned wedding if you want to convey feelings of oneness and emotions of romance. During such occasions, you can use flowers, including lilies, tulips, roses, and orchids.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Most people prefer to use a bouquet during occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. However, ferns and potted plants may be used during such occasions.

Newborn Baby

To celebrate occasions when a mother welcomes a little one to the world, you can send flowers to congratulate them for such a milestone. Flowers that do not attract a lot of attention are ideal for such occasions.


Flower delivery is common during occasions such as funerals as you can use flowers to express your sympathy to the bereaved family. During times of grief, you can use white lilies to express sorrow to someone who lost a loved one. Also, fresh flower fragrance is perfect for such events.


Red flowers can be used to convey romance and love and can also be used to comfort people who are suffering from exhaustion. Likewise violet color has an effect on your nerves and mind which encourages creativity. Yellow is considered a happy color that encourages communication and can be used to express feelings of radiant and happiness. Someone may use orange color to express feelings of socialization and optimism.

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