Fantastic Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers And Bouquets

No one wants to throw away their wedding flowers, especially after all the painstaking planning and budgeting that went into choosing that floral showstopper that you carried down the aisle. Thatโ€™s why couples are always looking for ways to preserve their wedding flowers so that it always reminds them of their big day.

Unwrap Your Bouquets

Very soon after your wedding or reception, remove the ribbon and wrappers around the stem. Also get rid of the pins and wires used by your florist Melbourne to keep flowers and foliage in place.

Store The Flowers

After disassembling the bouquet, cut the ends of the stems and store the flowers in fresh water in room temperature. Avoid keeping the flowers in direct sunlight and change the water every day until you want them to last.

Dry Your Wedding Bouquet

  • Remove excess leaves, broken leaves and other parts that started to rot.
  • Securely tie the stems around using a piece of yarn, twine or string.
  • Hang the arrangement upside down in a dark spot
  • Let the bouquet to dry for at least two weeks or until it dries out completely

Once your wedding bouquet is fully dry, you can either store it in a decorative glass or in a vase to protect it from moisture, bugs and dust.

Pressing Your Wedding Bouquet

Pressing your wedding flowers is another easy way to preserve your flowers. All you need to do is to dry your flowers completely and place them between two sheets inside a heavy book. Place a few more books over the flower-preserved books and set them aside for seven to 10 days. If you would like to display this precious item, framing is one option to consider.

Contact Floraison Flowers

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