Colourful Tulips – What Their Different Colours Represent?

Tulip, a simple yet beautiful flower, is found in many homes and gardens. Being not too big, not too small or not too bright, this flower is perfect for so many occasions. As these flowers bloom in the spring, they are used to represent new life and warmth. However, every colour carries its own meaning and symbolism behind it. Keep reading below to find out what each colour of tulip flowers signifies. With this guide, you will be able to choose a meaningful-coloured arrangement from the florist Melbourne the next time you want to send flowers.

Red Tulips

Their deep red hues induce the feeling of passion and love, and signify ‘believe me’, making them a popular choice among younger couples.

Orange Tulips

Orange tulips convey a sense of compassion, understanding, appreciation and sympathy, making them an excellent choice for close friends, acquaintances and colleagues whom you share a specific bond with.

Yellow Tulips

Yellow-coloured tulips represent cheerfulness, hope and happiness, so they are great for wishing someone ‘get well soon’. You can send them as ‘just because’ flowers to bring smile to someone’s face.

White Tulips

Sending white tulips is a great way to convey your apologies and condolences. That’s why they are widely used in funerals for decoration purposes. They also represent honour, holiness and purity, making them a beloved gift for those who are celebrating a religious milestone.

Pink Tulips

'Nothing can express ‘congratulations’ like a bouquet of pink tulips. Whether it is the birth of a new baby, job promotion, college graduation or a romantic date, pink tulips is an ideal choice.

Despite the occasion or event, tulip is a versatile flower to be given as gift. With its simplicity, elegance and beauty, this flower has become one of the most adored flowers in the world. For tulip flower delivery Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, you can trust Floraison Flowers. Our florists go the extra mile to source and arrange distinctive stems for you. Call 03 9696 3871 or order flowers online to brighten someone’s day.

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