Celebrate International Women’s Day With These Flowers

International women’s day 2023 is near! Every 8th of March is celebrated to honor and celebrate all aspects of women around the globe. This year’s theme celebrates - Embrace Equity. However, how are you going to appreciate empowered women in your simple way? Sending fresh flowers South Melbourne on International women’s day 2023 is the best idea. Gifting fresh flowers can lift spirits and have a huge emotional impact on the recipient. Here in South Melbourne, it’s a special day for locals; everyone takes this day as a token of love to celebrate their women in life. We have compiled the best of women’s day flowers from florists and are available for flower delivery on Women’s Day.


Tulips are the classic flowers to treat to gift on women’s day. Yellow and pink colours are the popular varieties perfect to gift your woman. Pink colour represents happiness and confidence, and yellow symbolises cheerfulness. Send them a dramatic flower bouquet to bring a smile on their faces.


Roses are universal flowers that are perfect for all occasions. This international day gift a bunch of pink roses to women in your life to appreciate their endeavors. They are best to send on international women’s day. So, why wait? Order from the florist in Port Melbourne and surprise them at their doorstep.


The bright and golden sunflower blooms are perfect to offer cheers and happiness to the woman of your life. You should get a florist Doncaster to gift you a sunflower bouquet on international women’s day to make your day.

Stargazer Lillies

Lillies are the perfect alternative to celebrate motherhood, compassion, and beauty, which makes them a fantastic choice for International women’s day 2023. With a balance of beauty and class, you can present your mom and it's one of our favourites.

Mixed Lavenders Bouquet

What better gift than these multi-coloured flowers in a vase? A beautiful lavender bouquet has roses, lilacs, blue hyacinths, and seasonal foliage. Our skilled florists select only the finest flowers hand-arranged to create this perfect gift for your woman on this international women’s day.

So, don’t miss this day as a chance to applaud all the empowered women in your lives. If you want a flower delivery in South Melbourne, order flowers from Floraison Flowers. For international women’s day flowers, call 03 9696 3871 today.  

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