Best Red Rose Varieties To Present This Valentine’s Day

Best Red Rose Varieties To Present This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, the day of love, is just around the corner, and it’s the most romantic time of the year. As a trusted florist and expert in flower delivery, Floraison Flowers is here to guide you through the world of red rose varieties to help you make the perfect choice for your Valentine's Day flower arrangements. Red roses have always been the universal flower for expressing love and putting the meaning “Be Mine “in a different league. Whether you are planning a quirky proposal shower love or your partner or catching up with a new flame, you can discover the most exquisite red rose varieties recommended by our florist Melbourne CBD that will surely melt hearts this Valentine’s Day.

The Classic Red Rose

Nothing says "I love you" quite like the classic red rose. These iconic symbols of love are known for their deep, rich red hue and velvety petals. They are the ideal choice for traditional romantics looking to convey their heartfelt emotions.

Freedom Roses

For those seeking larger blooms with intense color, Freedom Roses are an excellent choice. These red roses are known for their vibrant, eye-catching appearance and make a bold statement of love and passion.

Black Baccara Roses

Black Baccara Roses is a dark burgundy rose that subtly symbolise romance and luxury. Their dark red petals exude a sense of intrigue and passion. It is perfect for adding a touch of drama to your Valentine's Day arrangements.

Cherry Love Roses

Cherry Love Roses are the ideal choice if you're looking for red roses with a unique twist. Their bi-colored petals feature a gradient of red and white, symbolising love's growth and purity. These roses are a beautiful representation of love's journey.

Hearts Roses

If you want to add a playful touch to your Valentine's Day bouquet, do it with Hearts Roses. These red roses feature charming white heart-shaped patterns on their petals, making them an adorable and heartfelt choice for expressing love.

This Valentine's Day, make your love bloom with the perfect red rose variety from Floraison Flowers. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of the red rose, the striking appearance of Freedom Roses, the mysterious allure of Black Baccara Roses, the unique beauty of Cherry Love Roses, or the playful charm of Hearts Roses, your Valentine's Day flower arrangements will speak volumes. Trust our team for the finest flower delivery service and the most exquisite red rose varieties that will make this Valentine's Day a truly unforgettable one.

As you plan your Valentine's Day surprises, remember to order flowers online from Floraison Flowers. Our florist in South Melbourne ensures that your heartfelt sentiments are beautifully conveyed through these magnificent red rose varieties. For Valentine’s Day flower delivery South Melbourne, call us at 03 9696 3871/ 0466 279 933 today.
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