5 Romantic Flowers Other Than Roses To Impress Your Love

5 Romantic Flowers Other Than Roses To Impress Your Love

Roses are a classic & timeless gift and the perfect valentines’ day gift that expresses your deep down desire and love to be loved. However, isn’t it a little monotonous to hand roses every time? Though roses can pull off the proposal, it’s time to ditch them and look for different flowers with unique charisma, smell and undying emotion. Whether it's orchids or bright yellow sunflowers, or vibrant tulips, there are lots to choose from & you can choose the perfect coloured flower bouquet to express your love. Ditch the red roses and check out our favourites below.


Tulips are a great pick when it comes to impressing your loved one & one can never go wrong with tulips on valentine’s day. Tulips are recommended for people with sensitive nature & these bright lovelies can make your loved one say Yes!


Geraniums look like roses & when you present your loved one with bright red or pink geraniums, it will make them smile right away. Geraniums convey a fresh start and scream all about love. So, why wait, impress your loved one with a geranium bouquet and make valentine’s day different and unique.


Lillies are a fantastic choice when it comes to expressing your love. As the flowers signify love & prosperity, you can use the flowers to wish your loved one & this will make them feel loved and respected.


These luxurious flowers are sure to spark love between you and your beloved with their magical fragrance. They also symbolize love, hope & trust and come in a variety of fascinating hues. 


What better way can you say,” I Love You” to the special one? Daffodils are the sweetest way to express your true love. If your person is lively and cheerful, you can choose from colours like white, pink and yellow and make your V-Day memorable and happy like daffodils.

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