5 Best Sympathy Flowers To Show Your Support To Your Loved One

Be it any occasion, flowers are the focal point. When it comes to funeral service, flowers add warmth care, and love. It’s a thoughtful way to express your love, sympathy, and love when someone close to you dies. However, many people hesitate to send flowers for this occasion as they don’t know what flowers to send or how would the other one perceive your gesture. You can get help from Florist Melbourne to ensure that you’re sending the right flowers that convey your feelings, love, and gesture. There are many funeral flowers that the mourners appreciate and convey your deepest message.


Lilies are sophisticated flowers that look beautiful in any arrangement and are one of the most preferred funeral flowers that people approve of. Lilies represent innocence and purity for the departed soul and convey your deepest condolence beautifully. Get a flower bouquet of Lilies to present to the grieving family to show that you care.


Roses are by far the most bought flowers for funeral services. Be it white, pink, or crimson red, roses can be the perfect funeral flower to send someone you love. Generally, mourners appreciate the alluring beauty and peace that roses bring to the funeral. Deep pink roses represent grace, love, and gratitude to the departed one. White roses represent purity, admiration, innocence, and love for your beloved.


Orchids are luxury funeral flower that embodies everlasting love. Pink and white orchids are the go-to funeral flowers for funeral services. So, when you’re ordering flowers online in South Melbourne, make sure to ask for white or pink orchids and share your token of love with them.


When you want to express your deep sorrow or anguish about the loss of a loved one. Get a bouquet of Hyacinths with a flower delivery in Port Melbourne to the recipient’s home, it tells them that the departed soul is in your prayers.


Carnations are a delicate beauty that often appears in funeral wreaths and bouquets. Red, white and pink carnations are used in memorial flower arrangements. Pink represents memories, white represents pure love and red represents passionate love.

Given these beautiful yet meaningful funeral flower lists, consider the deceased person’s family and their beliefs and choose a flower arrangement that’s comforting & caring for them.

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