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3 Budget-Friendly V-Day Gifts For Your Valentine – Check Out!

Valentine’s day is right here! So, it's time to curate your V-day gift for your better half. This season invites you to cherish the bonds with your loved ones & present a thoughtful gift to make your relationship beautiful. Now, here’s the big deal. When it comes to buying valentine’s day gifts, need not buy expensive gifts to break your wallet. Here we present you with gifts ranging from sensual red carnations to sustainable cards, guitar picks, and more that make a practical gift that they’ll use every day or pick something super sentimental to make them swoon over you. So why wait? Let’s get started. 

Red Carnations Bouquet

If you want to ditch the red rose bouquet & looking for something that fits your budget. Red carnations are budget-friendly but have all the charm to wow your valentine. Get a beautiful red carnation bouquet packed with greenery freesia and chocolates to make it look beautiful.

Guitar Pick

If your Valentine is a guitarist & musically inclined, you can go for a stainless steel guitar chip. It’s a practical keepsake that can be cherished by your love forever. You can get it to engrave them with a love note “I pick you” with a cute heart and date, or customise them.

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Cards

When you’re a minimalist or a sucker for the poem, get your better half, a gift that has more than one purpose. Sustainable cards are the latest trend people use on their return gifts for weddings and birthdays. It makes a gift for V-day as well. You can choose a sustainable card with a plantable heart embedded with flower seeds. So, when they plant the seed & expect beautiful flowers growing in the garden or pot. Watch it grow up beautifully like your bond!

When it comes to budget-friendly valentines day gifts, you can pick just about anything that makes perfect sense to them. So, with practical use & thoughtful gift, you can present a lovely & memorable gift to your loved one. To order Valentine’s Day flowers Melbourne from us, call Floraison Flowers on 03 9696 3871 today.

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